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Welcome to Literacytools

Welcome to Literacytools. 

We hope that you enjoy using this site.  There are two main parts to the Literacytools website:

  1. Print Exercises:
    If you have a printer, you can print off exercises and read them in your own time.

  2. Online Exercises:
    You can try exercises online choosing from a number of topics including:
    • Computer Lingo 
    • Family
    • Living in Ireland
    • Employment

or you can choose exercises to improve a particular skill such as:

    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Spelling
    • Numbers
    • Computer skills.

Start Using Literacytools

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Let's have a look at the site first and get an idea of what is there.

You can Home Page Linkreturn to the home page at any time by simply clicking on the Home button.

Finally remember to contact us if you have any questions by clicking the Contact button which is also available on the home page.

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